Fees and Terms

My practice is usually long-term, but I also offer shorter-term work, for both individuals and couples.

I also undertake a certain amount of supervision.

Counselling and/or psychotherapy can be an expensive business. In consideration of this, my fees are low, but this in no way reflects inferior work, professional commitment or inadequate qualifications.

I offer the following types counselling and therapy:


Method of Payment

I do operate a ‘sliding scale’, where genuine circumstances justify reductions.

The first session must be paid for, in full, at the conclusion of the session, either in cash or by cheque. Subsequent sessions may be paid for either in cash or cheque at the session, or for clients receiving longer term therapy or counselling, on agreed account terms.

Except by prior agreement, failure or lateness to pay may incur a suspension of counselling or therapy.

Notice of Cancellation

Delayed billing structures (e.g. medical insurance claims) may be subject to a 20% administration fee.

Review of Fees

Fees are subject to periodic review. One month notice will be given of any proposed increase in fees.. Whenever possible, I try to keep fees at the same level as when clients started therapy.

Telephone or Email Counselling

In exceptional circumstances, I may operate telephone or email counselling. In such cases, fees and method of payment will be by individual agreement.

Further Terms and Conditions

In order to protect the integrity of the process, for both client and therapist, you affirm that you:

Additional Support

If you require support between sessions, this can, by agreement, be supplied in either telephone or email format. This may be chargeable at pre-agreed rates.


Sessions and other exchanges between client and therapist are confidential.

Exceptions: If I feel you are in danger of coming to harm or that someone you are in contact with might be harmed, I will need to break confidentiality in order to protect you or the third party. I would do my best to discuss this with you and involve you in the process but therapy may need to be suspended.

My e-mail or verbal replies, our messenger dialogue and our telephone conversations may not be transcribed, printed, posted or published either in whole or in part without my express, written permission. Material arising from the counselling including your experience of the process may not be used for commercial purposes, interviews, media without my express, written permission.


I may discuss aspects of the work we do together with my supervisor. This is usual within the profession and is to ensure the high standard of my work. I would not reveal your identity to them.

Code of ethics

I abide by the code of ethics of the Independent Practitioners’ Network.

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